Remove duplicate rows

Dear KNIMErs,
I got a table with only one column.
I want to remove duplicate values.
What shall I do ?

Hi, What about using the GroupBy node applied to your single column!?
Best, Thomas

Dear Thomas,
thankyou so much ! It works precisely as I wished ! Perhaps valuable trick to be placed in the FAQ ?
Greetings, Luca

Care to share it? How do you exactly do it???

Hi alkopop79,

It’s very simple, just use the ‘GroupBy’ node and place the column you wish to remove duplicates from into the group columns filter.

Kind regards,

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i want to remove duplicate rows then just leave the one with unique value…already tried but no example give the exact answer…if group by and aggregate, i’ll lose my original data…please help

RemoveDuplicate.knwf (8.4 KB)

Use both columns in the grouping without aggregation function.