Remove row to prevent duplications

I’m working on joining data based on => if string contains specific text, match it with the relevant key.
Strings are free text and long. Therefore, sometimes the strings contains 2 keys.
I would like to eliminate the string from the loop once match is found in order to avoid overlaps.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Hi @Sharon_c , you can check the Variable Condition Loop End node:

You can configure the conditions to break out of / end the loop.

May be you could also elaborate more on what you are doing and perhaps there is a better way to implement this.


Hello @Sharon_c
I worked out a workflow for a similar request on past October. Some of these concepts could be useful to address your challenge.

I’ve moved this workflow into my KNIME Hub Space.


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without having much insights I suggest the probably easiest and first thing in mind. Is a duplicate row filter afterwards an option?

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Hello @Daniel_Weikert
Thank you for the warning, as I didn’t explain the content of the workflow. I renamed the ‘Title’ of the workflow as: ‘Data Wrangling _ Multiple Key-Word Search (logical indexing)’. Tagged as ‘Logical Indexing’ as well.

Unfortunately I had to change the file name in the same way, then the previous link became obsolete.

Said so, without having much insights and multiple key-words, logical indexing is always the best approach: avoiding row repetition, upgrading data exploration capability and further data usability.

The workflow returns a matrix with the logical indexation for all the Key-Words disposed in columns.



Hi @Sharon_c
I’ve taken advantage from the ‘regexMatcher’ in the search string post’s answer to remove the loop from this ‘logical indexing’ workflow.

And now, it results much more straight forward.


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