Remove Same Values in A Column

Hello Together,

I have 3 Columns with different Values. The First Column Name is a variable and gives the document name. The problem is that it states the name several times in a row. Does someone know a solution, how I can fix that the name only appears once? And that the other columns are not effected by this? Right now it looks like this: 

File Name Person RowID
TEX1 A 1
TEX1 B 2
TEX1 C 3
TEX1 D 4

And it should be like this: 

File Name Person RowID
TEX1 A 1
  B 2
  C 3
  D 4

I read something about the GoupBy node, but I am not sure if this fits here or if I just used it wrong. 

Many Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Hello Enrique,

why would you like to do that? There might be ways to achieve this using the GroupBy or the Group Loop Start node, but either way, I don't think this makes sense.


Hello Enrique,

To achieve it, use the Lag Column, then the Rule Engine to remove the values of those columns where the original column and the lagged column are identical, then filter out the lag column.

As Marc I am curious: Why do you want to do that?