Remove unique value from column

Hi, I need to look for duplicates and check descriptions.

item value
100201 ABCD
100202 BDA
100203 BPAF
100202 BDA/
100203 BPAF

I would like to see only the items with duplicate value where the description doesn’t match.
in this case show only the rows from item 100202 and their description.

Hi @cinthy

You can solve this with a sequential duplicate row filter check followed by a rule-based row filter. First check the duplicates of the items followed by the values.

Then look for duplicate items and unique values:

NOT $duplicate-type-classifier$ = "unique" AND $duplicate-type-classifier (#1)$ = "unique" => TRUE

hi Arjen
I have some results but not yet what I want exactly.
I get 1row but so can’t see what the correct description is. Is it better to create a separate flow where I filter out the item or is there another way?


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