Remove warning fro RowID node

Any change you will remove the useless warning for the rowid node when regenerating rowids? (eg column = None)


WARN  RowID                6:451:391:0:548:546 No row key column selected generate a new one

This is needed often and often in loops and then completely clutters the output window. Sometimes it's also needed due to some nodes using 1-based indexing, eg. starting with Row1 instead of Row0. Database Looping node being one of the offenders.



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still getting this Warning in the console

WARN RowID 0:430:0:429 No row key column selected generate a new one

The configuration is indeed intended the way it is.

I read in other closed forum posts that there is already a ticket, so:
+1 (or +10 if this is possible? - just kidding)

A somewhat related question. Is it possible that many warnings can crash/stop the workflow on the server even if the workflow nodes run successful on the local machine (e.g. when you have warnings for configurations that are actually correct like in the case of the RowID?

Many thanks.

Hello @Anjo,

request noted. Regarding related question don’t think number of warning can be a reason for workflow to stop/crash. But if you have workflow(s) running locally and not on KNIME Server I suggest to open up a new topic in KNIME Server category, add details and someone will take a look.


Hey Ivan,

thanks for your fast reply. I agree warnings don’t seem to be the reason for a workflow stop/crash on the server but it came up in a discussion.



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