Removing rows which contains less than or equal to three words

I have some sentences and I want to remove the rows which contain less than or equal to three words.

Look at String Manipulation node count() function.

Thanks @izaychik63
In string manipulations node it is giving an option to count specific words in a string. How can I generalize it and count the number of any words in string?

Hi @MajidAbbasi,

Use this expression in a Rule-based Row Filter node and select “Exclude TRUE matches”:

$column1$ MATCHES "([^\s]+[\s]?){1,3}" => TRUE

This expression matches anything without white space as word. The expression below ignores single characters:

$column1$ MATCHES "((.\s)*[^\s]{2,}[\s]?(\s.)*){1,3}" => TRUE

If you need something else, please provide some examples.



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