removing special characters in terms

Hi all!

Does anybody know how I can remove these special characters/signs before the extracted terms (see pictures)? KNIME Pivoting grafik.
If they are removed, these words can then be counted to the term frequencies of the same words w/o these signs.
Thank you!!

Hey @Stol,

your idea in the other thread was almost correct.
You can use the String Manipulation node and then use the expression regexReplace($Term as String$,“☐|>|<|-|€”, “”). This will replace the characters with an empty String. It seems that you forgot to put the pipe character (logical OR) in between each character.

I hope this helps.




Hello @julian.bunzel!

It finally works! I did not know that there has to be a pipe character between the signs.
Thank you very much for your quick help!

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If you have single chars separated by pipe (logic Or) you can use a set of chars.
So you can write pattern in this way:


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