Rename Column bug (V 2.7)

Looks like Integer columns are not being renamed when using the Column Rename node. No error messages pop up, but the resulting table has the same header still. Looks like SDF and string are working ok. I didn't check any of the other column types.




Hi Natasja, Thanks for reporting this issue. I am able to reproduce it. But it appears to be a general problem with the text field which are not auto-commited. Can you confirm that the column renaming works if you change the column name and click somewhere else, e.g. check/uncheck any check box? Cheers, Thomas

I think, I found the problem which is only present when you submit the changes in the dialog with Strg+ENTER, can you confirm? If you use just hit ENTER with the mouse cursor everything works as expected. Problem will be fixed with 2.7.1.

Hi Gabriel,

If I click on some other column name to pretend I'm changing it, then the new column name I typed in the other column does get committed. When I just click the "ok" button after entering the string, it doesn't get committed, although "apply" does seem to commit the change.




Okay, understand. What is the OS you are using? Just trying to reproduce it...

I'm on a Mac (10.8).


Hi Natasha,


There is a quirk in KNIME Desktop for mac where you need to shift focus away from a field before the rename takes effect.  For example, if you edit the field and then press <tab>, your change should be accpeted.  Could you please give this a try and post back either way? If this is the problem you are running into then we can note this in our tracking system.




Hi Aaron,

I can confirm this as a work-around.   If I go click on something else, then the actual thing that I wanted to modify is properly saved and executed.

Thanks for this thread, this bug just bit me.


Mac OS X 10.8.2