Renamings of columns in a table mess up the complete report


when I rename the columns of a table in the workflow and this table is displayed in the report, then the report will load with Errors the next time I look at it. Can I somehow solve this issue? I think the renaming should be done simultaneously in the whole workflow and report in order to solve this…

Also, if I only slightly change a table, for example by renaming a column, then all the column aggregations that I define in the Report itself get removed unfortunately. This happens even if the changes happen in columns which are not related to the Aggregation unfortunately.
These issues did cost me a lot of hours already.

Best regards

Hi @Knime_Beginner -

Thanks for the feedback. Right now, I don’t believe that there is a way to sidestep these issues due to the way KNIME transfers information to BIRT. But I will investigate further and pass your comments on to the dev team.

Sorry for the inconvenience!