Renderer to Image node makes image blurry


I use a Bar Chart (Java Script) node to create images. Then I use an Image to Table node and afterwards a Renderer to Image node to resize the picture so that it fits in the final Report.

The Problem: The renderer makes the image blurry.

How can I solve this? I thought about producing the correct image size right away in the Bar Chart node, but when I put the image into a table (with Image to Table node) it gets automatically resized to a very small size anyway, so this seems not an option.

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Option A: Enable svg support in your report

-> follow the instructions in the Node description for Image to Report.

Option B:

You can increase the resolution in the renderer node AND increase the reports DPI (default AFAIK is 96)


(If you increase dpi you must increase the resolution or else the image will be much smaller)

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thank you! The second solution works fine. (I am not using Image to Report nodes btw., since I dynamically pick the Images out of a table with many columns).

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