Rendering line break in Knime

I am trying to use Text Output Widget (legacy) to render a chunk of text with line breaks. No matter what line break characters I use (\r, \r\n, \n), it just doesn’t render properly. I have enabled/disabled legacy mode and it’s still the same.

Any idea?

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Hello @drlau and welcome to the KNIME community.
From my understanding you would have to select the right type of ‘Text format’:

Otherwise you will have to translate it to HTML. Let us know.


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Hi @@drlau, welcome to the KNIME community.

In addition to @gonhaddock 's note, you will also need to convert your literal “\n” in the text into actual line breaks.

This is going to be slightly unintuitive, but if you run you text through String Manipulation (Variable) first, and execute the following, it should fix the text for you (yes you really do need to four backslashes in front of the “n” ! ) :