Rendering SVG graphics in Birt Report in KNIME 3.3

I am trying to send a JavaScript Line Plot to the Image to Report node to include in a report.

I have the export Image set to SVG and tried to follow the instructions in the Node desctiption for Image to Report.

  • Select SVG in this dialog, possibly change the resolution in the image scaling fields.
  • Switch to the reporting, make sure nothing is selected in the report editor and switch to the "Script" tab. Select the "beforeRender" script and enter this command "KNIME.enableSVGImagesInPDF(reportContext)" (no quotes).
  • Switch back to main report editor (tab "Layout"), design the report and add the dynamic image by linking it to the KNIME data source.
  • Select the dynamic image report element and choose in the "Property Editor - Image" view under "Properties" the tab "Advanced" (note, you might need to scroll). In the property list search for "Type expression" and edit the entry. Enter "image/svg+xml", including the quote characters.

    In KNIME 3.3 I am looking for the "Type Expression" field in the Property Editor Advanced panel and it is not there.

In the report all I get a set of hex digits in place of the image.

Can someone tell me where to set the image/svg+ xml file type in KNIME 3.3 ?

-- Scott

I noticed that there was not a Type Expression field but a Named Expressions panel where you can add name value pairs.

I created an expression of name: Type and Default Value: "image/svg+xml" but still just get a set of Hex characters where the image should be for both the Web Viewer and PDF:

.specifically 0A 3C 73 76 67 20 63 6F ...

Still investigating,


Hi Scott,

I just tried it, but for me there is Type expression field in the Advanced section.

Did you select the image beforehand? 

Best, Iris