Reoccuring Knime error: Could not write metadata for 'xyz'.

I keep getting this error - but (or because) the workflow has been deleted some days ago. There were some crashes of Knime involved (due to that or other workflows - I couldn't say).

The box says "Problem occured" with:

'Periodic Workspace save' has encountered a problem.

Could not write metadata for '/Cluster_test'.

and in the details it states:

Could not write metadata for '/Cluster_test'.
C:\Knime_work\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.projects\Cluster_test\.markers.snap (The system cannot find the path specified)

Can I edit something somewhere to get rid of this write attempt?

Hi Doc, 

Can you try creating a workflow named cluster test and restarting KNIME?  If that fails, it should be possible to fix the problem by deleting your .metadata folder.  Before you do this you may want to export a copy of your preferences.  (File > Export preferences)

Looks like this solved it. I created cluster test and deleted that. Haven't had an error message so far.