Reordering rows based on a single column

Hi guys. I have a table made of 11 rows for each product (sales forecast, inventory, realized sales, etc…). I have now added a new row for each product, but can’t reorder the rows so that every product has it’s own 12 dimensions of information. The 12 dimensions are highlighted in red, and the id for each product are in green. My data is in portuguese, but I think the image makes everything more clear. The result I want is like the end of the table, but with the “Cubagem” of each product under it’s own “Saldo/mes”

If you want to “reorder” the current rows, then use the Sorter node based on the target column.

If you actually want to change the table structure so that there is a single row per unique value in your target column, then what you really want to do is “pivot” your table using the Pivoting node.


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