Repeat content of columns into the next row

I want to repeat the content in the first column into the same column of the next row when these column is empty and so on. Example:

1 Normal
2 AA025
3 AA077
4 FID00
5 Extra
6 F9100
7 Spec1
8 FFD00
9 Spec2
10 VU025
11 VU077
12 VV035

I want the text “Normal” in row 1 column1 also in column1 in the rows 2, 3 and 4. The text “Extra” also in row 6 and so on.

The Missing Value Node doesn’t work with the warning: The current settings use missing value handling methods that cannot be represented in PMML 4.2

Has anyone an idea how to solve my problem?

Best regards

Hi @juergen01

Have a look at the below topic, another user posted the exact same question:

Make sure your missing values are actually null and not “”.

Then the Missing Value node definitely works :wink:

Hope this helps!

Hi @ArjenEX
thanks for your fast reply.
But unfortunately it doesn’t work. I don’t get the content to null so that I have the “?” in the column.
How can I change that?
Best regards,

It’s almost inpossible to troubleshoot without having an example. Can you upload a (anonymized) sample from your actual source similar to what you have used in your first post? A workflow with the data preloaded also works.

Usually a RegexPlace of [^0-9a-zA-Z+-.,!@#$%&*()^:;\/|<>"'_] or similar should be sufficient to get it to null.

Hi ArjenEX,
I did the following and now it works.
In the String Manipulation I used the expression:
And now the Missing Value Node works proper.
Thanks for your help.


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