Repeat nodes for all files in folder (List files - variable - ?)

Hi all,


I am quite new KNIME user (2 days career) and would seek your help.

I have completed data miniplation flow starting from file leader/SV leader as single data souce, and would like to have it for multiple data files which stores at  the spefic folder. Then I did it from importing  files to changing to variable below process, but stuck to make this transaction repeatedly as which i have done for CSV leader\file leader. May i know how to proceed this ? I am feeling a bit sorry about such a easy question posted here, but  I would appreicate your expertise sharing for this.

1) List files

2) Table rows to  variables loop start

3) Variable loop end

4) ??

Regards,  Miki

Hi Miki,

I think you have to connect the "Table Row To Variable Loop Start" Node Flow Variable connection with the respective reader node, e.g. the FileReader. You can activate the FlowVariable ports in your File Reader by right-clicking on the node and then click "Show Flow Variable Ports". After having connected the "Table Row To Variable Loop Start" with the "File Reader" you have to configure the "File Reader" such that it uses this Flow Variable (see

As a last step you have to connect the last node in your workflow with an "Loop End" Node and thats it.

I hope this helps,



Christian is right. It should look like what I have in the attached image (a litlte more complicated even then what you're trying to accomplish)


Super thanks for your inputs/coaching, i was able to leverage loop functionality finally !!