Repeating formula on multiple columns


I have some calculations to be done, at column level, where I have some columns that represent the next 7 weeks of forecasted sales from a given date and I need to extract the component days of those weeks and multiply them with a daily share of sales.

I added the component days, added the daily share but I do not know how to multiply each day with its weekly forecast to obtain the daily sales. I am sure there are smarter ways of doing this rather than having 100 Math formula nodes.

Can you please help with some ideas?


Daily Sales.xlsx (11.5 KB)

P.S. I looked at some similar topics but I either don’t have the competency to apply it or are significantly different in application.

Hi @alexandruradu , there is a Math Formula (Multi Column) node where you can apply the same formula to multiple columns at once.

You can perform the same formula on all of your 100 columns in the same node and with one formula.


Thx @bruno29a , I was trying it already but was using it wrong, Current Col was the key and repeating the formula for each of the 4 weeks, meaning I now have 4 nodes instead of 28 with simple Math formula node.


Hi @alexandruradu , that is correct, the $$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ is the key ingredient. It represents the column currently being process by the node

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