Replace a cell for any part of the cell


I am currently working on transitioning an alteryx workflow to a knime one. So far, I’ve been successful. The most difficult problem i’ve encountered is the cell replacer node. As you know, it replaces only values that perfectly match. Alteryx has the possibility to let you choose how your values are going to match (the beginning of the string, any part or the entire string). I’m trying to replace values that match any part of the cell. In this case, the values look like that:

Look at string Manipulation nd Column Expression nodes.
Also, here From Alteryx to KNIME | KNIME

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Hello @mediis,

can you be a bit more specific? What is your input data, what is dictionary table and what is expected output? Although Cell Replacer cannot be used in this case (yet!) there are other nodes/approaches we can find :wink:


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