Replace a cell with Rule Engine or Cell Replacer?


does anyone know how to replace a value of some rows? 

I have a table like this: 

Row ID Name
1 R1
2 R2
3 T3
4 R4
5 R5
6 R6


And I know want to replace the Value "T3" with "R3". I've tried: 
1) Rule Engine: With this node I receive a table like this: 

Row ID Name New
1 R1 ?
2 R2 ?
3 T3 R3
4 R4 ?
5 R5 ?
6 R6 ?

Then I tried to merge them with a "Column Merger", but it still doesn replace the T3 with R3...

2) Cell Replacer: With this node I get the same result... 

I think the solution is very easy but I need a clue to solve this problem... 

Thanks a lot !!


Okaaaay, if anbody has the same problem: use the String Replace (Dictionary) node - this works :) 


you could have written, in rule engine, a second line with "TRUE"=>"variable name" to fill all the other values from the original field.