"Replace Column" setting mixes up fields

Dear KNIME team,

Thanks again for the great discussions at the KNIME Spring Summit. As promised, I looked for a reproducable, minimal example of a strange behaviour which I experience in nodes offering the possibility to overwrite a field:

In the attached workflow, please open the Rule Node's configuration and observe that it is set to overwrite the Week field. Then press Cancel and open the dialog again. Now it correctly shows to overwrite the Location field: Different settings despite only clicking "Cancel" inbetween.

This behaviour has already caused me some headaches when changing rules in the first pass and not noticing that the wrong replace-column is then stored after clicking OK.
I'm not sure if this only affects the Rule Engine node. I fear String Manipulation and Math Formula might behave the same way. I'm using KNIME 3.3.1 (even though the corresponding node configurations might have been last edited and saved in one of the previous versions). I unfortunately haven't figured out yet how to reproduce this from scratch starting with an empty workflow.

Best regards


Hi Arne,

Thank you for reporting this! I have opened a ticket and our developers will take care of this.

I was able to reproduce this for the Rule Engine node. I tried the same for String Manipulation and Math Formula, but those don't show the same behavior, so no reason to worry about those.