Replace substring in column1 if two conditions of column1 and column2 are TRUE

Hello everybody,
I am quite new at working with Knime and currently come across a dataset with different formattings (sometimes “,” as decimal and “.” as thousand separator, sometimes the other way around - each depending on 1| string of another column AND 2| substrings in same column). With which Knime node could I formulate conditional statements with replacing substrings according to my conditions?

For an example please look at the attached picture (input, explanation and the desired output):

Many thanks in advance for your support - highly appreciated.

Welcome Isabell,

I’m not aware of a single node that would implement what you are aiming for. However, such operations are always possible with different operations on different subsets of the data. see attached an example for the logic that you are interested in: forum_14241.knwf (24.1 KB)

EDIT: In fact, one can implement the whole logical sequence in a single Column Expressions node. Here is an example: forum_14241.knwf updated) (55.5 KB)



Dear Misha,

Many thanks for your quick and thorough help - highly appreciated. It works perfectly.


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