Replace the charackter Questionmark in a string


i exported a big CSV file and i need to remove a lot of Rows where the strings contain a URL with a “?”.
KNIME interprets the questionmark as wild card so i dont know how i can select the charakter “?”


Sadly the charakters after the questionmark arent always the same pattern

would really apreciate your help

Hi @LemonG Welcome to KNIME Forum

You can use a String Mainpulation node with:
replace($column1$, "\?" ,"" )
to replace the question mark, (the backslash is a so called ‘escape’ character) with something between “”.
gr. Hans


Hi @HansS,

thank you very much, this really helped me out.

As I understand this only functions with the string manipulator node, i couldnt use it in the row filter node or did i do something wrong?


Hi @LemonG,
you can use a regular expression in the Row Filter node to identify any text with a question mark. I think something like .*\?.* should work as a pattern (any number of any character before and after the questionmark), but please check if it really provides the expected behaviour.

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