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Hi @bruno29a

I would like to replace the coma with dot in the below mentioned column and remove the double quotes at the end of the column value.

thanks in advance

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Hi @bruno29a

Any update on the above request.

Subramanyam Kinthada

@Subramanyam you could use the Column Expressions. I assume you would want to do something like switch the dot and comma (otherwise you would have both separators as dots - you can of course also do this).

replaceChars(replaceChars(replaceChars(replaceChars(column("column1"),"," ,"#" ),".",","),"#","."),"\"","")

Two things to note

  • use an intermediate like hash to help the switch
  • escape the quotation mark if you want to replace it


Hi @Subramanyam

I hope you realise that:

  1. This is a forum where help is provided by the community, meaning that people will help when they are available and when they can
  2. Different people are in different timezones. I replied to 2 of your threads past 1am my time, and this one came after 2am where I was already off

Also, if you are satisfied with the proposed solutions (as is the case with the 2 threads that I replied to), should mark the proposed solution as Solution so that other people know what the solution is. As I mentioned it’s a community, everyone can help, and that’s how you can help too (by pointing out what worked out for you as Solution).

Regarding this thread here, I think @mlauber71 has clarified your request, or may be not, but I would be tempted to also think that you meant to switch the comma and the dot as he suggested, rather than replacing the comma with a dot - you will end up with 2 dots.

If it is how @mlauber71 suggested, then his solution is perfectly fine.


Hi @Subramanyam -

In addition to what @bruno29a suggested, I would point out a couple of other things in the spirit of maintaining a helpful, healthy forum community.

  1. The KNIME Development forum is for questions about node development, the KNIME SDK, and so forth. It’s not for questions about which nodes to use, or how to build workflows for particular use cases. Those go in the main Analytics Platform forum, which gets lots more traffic anyway. (I have moved this and one of your other topics to the correct forum for you.)

  2. Please be respectful of other posters that are volunteering their time to help you. In particular, be judicious about tagging people in a post, as every time you do that they get a notification. If overused, it can come off as demanding or rude.

Following our guidelines helps make the forum a useful space for everyone :slight_smile: Cheers!


In addition to the already well spoken words. My words are meant as a message to all of us.

This forum is invaluable filled with great people like @bruno29a , @takbb , @mlauber71 , @ArjenEX and so many others (sorry for not mentioning you) who contribute their as @ScottF pointed out valuable time to help us with great detailed explanations to make us like KNIME even more. Kudos to all of them. Nobody is paid for doing this!

So it should be a minimum to appreciate that, ask clear easy to understand questions (if possible always with sample data) and mark the correct answer as solution so that future visitors could also benefit from that.
By the way also Kudos to the KNIME team for providing their help and support here as well as the Software itself


Hi @mlauber71,

Thanks for providing the solution. The provided function helped me to achieve the result.

Subramanyam Kinthada.


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