replace the missing values with a predicted value


I’m a beginner on KNIME and I want to know how can I replace the missing values in a table with the values that predicted through a predictive model? I’ve done following:

  1. filter out the rows with missing values for testing
  2. train the complete data - loop over the columns with missing values (each loop one column for predicting)
  3. test on the row with missing values and get the predict value
    now I need to replace the missing value in the rows with the predicted values and make the original dataset complete…

or are there any better idea for the predicting process? Thanks.

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I’m not sure about the structure of the data you end up with after predicting the missings. But one thing you could do is to use a Column Merger node. This node merges two columns into one by choosing whichever cell is non-missing.

Hope that helps!


Hi Northern,

How do you want to evaluate performance of your predictive model ? Test set should contain real output values (not missing) which have to be compared with those coming from predictive model.

Martin K.

Hi Martin,

I just want to use a predictive model for predicting the missing values in the data set and replace the missing values with the predicted value. (in a cross validation, as pre-processing process)

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