Replace Values over Multiple Columns

This workflow demonstrates how to perform value replacement in multiple columns without using Column List Loop Start node but rather utilizing Unpivoting node to have all columns that need value replacement in one column. To obtain original table structure after replacement is done Pivoting is used.

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How can this approach be used within a loop of different tables with different columns?

Hello @ThoMi,

running this for different input tables does present a challenge but if the same logic needs to be applied between Unpivoting and Pivoting node then it should be easier. Obviously you’ll need a loop and you should play with Enforce exclusion/inclusion options in Unpivoting node to address different columns in each iteration (if possible) and flow variables in Pivoting node for same reason. If you haven’t solved this already I suggest to open a new topic for it, describe your requirements/process clearly and possibly add some dummy tables so users can understand it better and provide help.

Hope this helps!

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