Replacing missing values with Mode

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In my data a particular column will have either one year value(Eg.2018) or missing values. I need to replacing the missing values with this particular year value.Could you please guide me how to do that.I beleive replacing missing values with mode should help. But I am not able to find node to do this. Plesae help


You can use the Missing Value Node with the Option “Most frequent value”.

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Could you please let me know which node will help me to do this.Pardon me for my ignorance as I am very new to Knime

It is the “Missing Value” Node.
If you are new to KNIME and you need to know which Nodes there are. You can use NodePit. It is a
search engine for KNIME Nodes:

Thank you so much.Unfortunately Node pit is not opening on my office PC due to some security reasons