Replacing outliers based on Z-score

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I want to replace the outliers in my data with another acceptable value. I know you can use the node “Numeric Outliers” to replace outliers based on the Interquartile Range. But because some of my variables contain a lot of zeros, this would mean the outliers of these variables would be transformed to zero (because the interquartile range is zero) and the variable would have no predictive value. I was wondering if there is a way to replace the outliers based on the Z-score (for example, first z-score normalizing the data with the “Normalizer” node and then replacing every value of a certain variable which is higher than 3 (lower than -3) with 3 (-3)).

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This should be possible using a Rule Engine node. Rules might look something like:

MyNormVar > 3 => 3
MyNormVar < -3 => -3

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Thanks for your quick response. Is there a way to do this for multiple columns at the same time? Because now it seems I have to link as much Rule Engine nodes as there are columns I want to transform.

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There are a few other options you could try, depending on how many variables you need to deal with.

If you have a few variables that you want to deal with in a single node, you could try Column Expressions.

If you have a lot of variables, you might instead want to loop over the Rule Engine using a Column List Loop Start.


Hi there @jeandony,

Math Formula (Multi Column) should help here as it can apply calculation on multiple numeric columns and has if() function.

So following expression should do the trick:
if($$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ > 3 ,3 ,if($$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ < -3 ,-3 ,$$CURRENT_COLUMN$$))

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