REPORT - Insert Image + Text

I created a report from a data file. Everything is okay and works as I want. I would like to create a first presentation page in this report including an image plus text. How can I do that? Is there an example somewhere?
I want something like this example

Hello @Brain ,

I would take a look at the following as it is similar to your issue:

What makes this particularly difficult is that as of now the ‘Image View’ node takes in a particular port with no straightforward upload.

You can display any custom image you want pretty easily by making scripts within the javascript view, but the issue is getting it to display on the pdf file.

As shown, I can display an image when I view it, but it will not be supported by the report output as I am not using the Image view widget.

I would follow the thread linked above to see if you are able to achieve what you want.

Hope this helps,