Report Preview asking for Admin Password

When I try to to Run-View_Report to view a report, I see a white window pop up which after few seconds asks for a user-name and password.  My regular work user-name and password aren't working, so I can only assume it wants an adinistrator username and password. 

Two questions, why does this occur, and how do I stop this from occuring, as I can't be getting an administrator to log in every time I wish to produce a report.

By any chance, did you install KNIME with admin privilages into "Programs" (Windows only). The underlying issue in this case is that KNIME is then run as "normal" user and may try to access (write) into the installation directory... Another possibility is that you have registered additional update sites in the KNIME preferences that require a password, can you please check, or did you assign any proxy settings in the preferences?... Sorry, I am just guessing.

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