Report with one table and different grouping of data

I have a table with sales from multiple shops.

date | shop | sales | country | sales_org | shop_type

Now I want to create one report (or multiple if required) (with BIRT ?) which show the sales volume (by diagram)

  • sales by shop
  • sales per country by shop
  • sales per sales_org by shop
  • sales per shop_type by shop

Some of grouping parameters are fixed (sales_org and shop_type), the country is not fixed and may change.
Of course all the diagrams will look the same. Only the data and the heading of the report differs. Required data can easily be calculated in Knime.

I think I understood the way to create one BIRT report with all the required diagrams.
That’s the way I started this challenge.
But it’s a horrible effort to create and maintain the report with the huge amount of diagrams (e.g. changing the diagram must take place in all of them).

So I’m looking for smarter ways to automatise this job.

I played with the grouping feature. Such a loop could be a solution.
But I did not find a way to start the report with each data set.
Is there a chance to initiate BIRT within the loop?
What is a good approach to manage this task?

Hi @knimediger,

did you also try the group feature within BIRT? This workflow first aggregates data per group and then creates a visualization in BIRT for each group per page.


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Hello Marten,

Thanks for that idea. I’ll give that try.

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Hello Marten,

I had a look on that workflow. That workflow has one BIRT report with different sections. The data for the sections is created in four workflows. The report is not repeated.
What different to my question? I have one report (with sales) and I would like to repeat that report with different data selections (for all shops, for shops by country, …). As long as I know e.g. the countries I would be able to extend the report. But if I want to loop over all countries I’m lost and I have to update the report again and again with a new section (copy of the sales).

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