Reporting Bugs

Is there something like an open bug tracking site for KNIME? Since updating to 2.8.0 I came across several bug of which some are quite annoying. I'd like to contribute bug reports but I'm not very fond of using a forum for this.

I second this - a central bug reporting/tracking would be helpful for contributing bug reports.


It is difficult to track and assign issues and feature requests without such infrastructure - or did I not find it?

I love KNIME, don't get me wrong. But this seems so very important to have, in order for KNIME get out of its "Dark Ages".

What do you mean with "Dark Ages"? We have our internal tracking system, but don't want to make it public (yet) for several reasons. Reporting bugs via the forum has worked quite well so far.

Thanks for the information, Thor.

I think one of the major issues is that once we report an issue on the forum, we have little feedback on its status over time. In fact, on occasion (but not always) KNIME staff do not respond to the original forum post, leaving the author of the post to wonder whether the issue was being addressed. I think simply responding to the original post with the intended course of action would help in the interim. However I too would favor a bug reporting interface for customers.

Kind regards

We record the post for every bug that was reported via the forum and write a reply when it's going to be fixed. If this was not the case for a few selected reports than this was an oversight on our end but as far as I can see pretty much all reports in the last year have such a reply.