Reporting Tool / Multiple Charts


I've got a question regarding the KNIME Reporting Tool and creating multiple Scatter Charts. I've got a huge dataset (data from High-Throughput Screening) and I want to create like 100 scatter charts, each consisting of 28 measured values.

Obviously using the "Data to Report" node like 100 times is no solution. Using a Counting Loop results in only having one data set, namely the data set from the last loop iteration. In other words, the "Data to Report" node overwrites previously created data. "Y series grouping" in combination with an iteration column is no solution, because I want 100 different charts.

I'm new to KNIME and have already purchased the KNIME Beginner's Luck and The KNIME Cookbook. I can't find the answer to my question!

I would appreciate your help!


Hi Marc,


with the counting loop start you were already one the right way.

Our normal views don't have an Image Outport.  But the JFreeChart nodes does.


So use the Scatter Plot (JfreeChart) and connect afterwards an Image To Table node. This table can be inputed in the loop end and than you get a table containing all the images afterwards. Finally with the Image Column Writer you can write all the images at once to your harddisk.

Cheers, Iris



thank you for your help. The "Image to Table" node is a big step foreward! Now I can create the plots within a loop and store them into a table.

However, I used R to create the plots - and to be honest - R does its job but the plots look so much "yesterday". I know that you can design every little detail, but you will never get a State of the Art plot design.

Ain't it possible to use the KNIME Reporting Tool for the plots? Just to create a large amount of plots from a dataset?

If not, dragging the dataset (containing the plots) into the layout window only gives me the first column (containing the first plot) whereas dragging the dataset containing the original data gives me thousands of columns...

Dragging a table into the layout window and binding it to the data of the dataset containing the plot gives me the correct number of columns. However, they do not contain the plots, they show sth. like "89 50 4E 47 0D 0A 1A 0A"...

I hope you understand what I mean?!


Just FYI:

I found the answer to my question - embedding of R made plots into the Reporting Tool - on page 210 of The KNIME Cookbook.

However, this does not make the plots look better. And that's why I am still interested in a solution to using the Reporting Tool's Chart function for my plots!

Best regards,

Did you have had a look into the JFreeChart nodes. Those also provide the image out-port that can be used for the reporting.

Not yet, but I will have a look at them.

Thank you for your advice!

I just installed the JFreeChart nodes and the charts look great!

Yesterday I also found a way to create multiple plots within the KNIME Reporting Tool from only one data set. If you are interested: there's a Group tab within the Table Property Editor.