Reproducible and consistent error in R snippet (R Scripting) after upgrade to 3.4.0

On production server after some time after ugrade to KNIME 3.4.0 I realise a consistent error that occurs in R Snippet node. The Snippet calculated interval using lubridate package and creating a new column in exexisting data like for instance:



input <-

s <-$"Date_Start"

int <- interval(ymd(s), ymd([["Date"]]))

Laufzeit <- time_length(int, "month")

output <- cbind(input, Laufzeit)

knime.out <-


This simple code runs ok in R, also ran ok under KNIME 3.3.2 however after upgrade it returns all weird results including filtering rows . As I said, this is on production server  hence not a nice situation. Cannot solve it at all, had to downgrade to 3.3.2 again which produces results as expected. 

Any idea what is going on?

Hi Patrick,

Could you please share an example workflow with the data in order to check what the issue is about?

Thank you,



Hi Patrik!

We recently fixed a bug in which rows get dropped on large output tables which are just above a multiple 50k  (e.g. 204 000 rows). This is fixed in the upcoming release due very soon.

May this be the source of your problem?

Kind regards, Jonathan.

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