Request: Ignore header casing with the Read Excel node

I am reading files in a folder with the Excel Reader node. The files are identical, except one of the column headers in one file is ALL CAPS. The Excel reader fails because it’s looking at case sensitivity. Could there be an option to ignore casing with this node?


Excel Reader:

The above images are just an example, but this happened to me today where I received 6 files from a user. For some reason last week the files had different casing than this week, and I had to manually go in and change the headers for half the files… It could be a much more annoying issue if it needed to be done with 100s of files.


One way to deal with this would be to revert to the good old loop and lower case the column names. Admittedly not the most elegant of all solutions …


The excel reader does not allow for different datatypes right? That’ s why I always preferred using Loops

Maybe you could read the excel files without header and add them afterwards?

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Hello Daniel_Weikert,
the Excel Reader does support data type changes during loop execution. The easiest way to achieve this is by enabling the upport changing file schemas option on the Advanced Settings tab. For more details see the File Handling Guide.


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