Request: Loop end concatenate

I have a few reports I want to combine. all the files have some overlapping columns but also some columns specific to each file that I do not want to lose. Concatenating these outside a loop worked great but I want a loop for it to be dynamic and be able to read whatever files and join them all together like the concatenate node does.

I think the loop end node should just concatenate anyways, this is an unecessary restriction. Otherwise, there needs to be another node called: loop end (concatenate).

P.S. I saw Table Creator suggested as a solution for this before, however, presetting the final table structure with Table Creator would make the solution subpar since new files may have additional columns. It would also be super menial to go through each file's dozens of columns and copy paste them into table creator field by field, file by file. 

Hi Glenerik,

I don't understand your question unfortunately. What you describe is exactly what the Loop End does.

Could you let me know what is the difference to its current behaviour? Did you already see the options in the dialog?

Thanks! Iris