Require upstream processing for metanodes

Dear all,

the Column Selection and Value Selection (Quickforms) nodes are helpful for allowing dynamic input at a certain point in a workflow, e.g. when you want to offer a choice based on the column or values present in the current table.

I've noticed that in order to display the correct choices, these nodes (quite expectedly) depend on their upstream workflow being executed. While that doesn't seem to be a problem when running from the web portal, I am missing an option to ask the user whether to run the upstream nodes when opening the Configure... dialog of a wrapped metanode.

What I'd expect is like what happens if you configure e.g. an R View or an Interactive Annotator (from the Image Processing extension) node when the upstream nodes haven't been executed:

Execute upstream nodes?

Is the same possible to achieve for wrapped metanodes?





Hi Jan,

it is not completely the same. In the R View node, we really need the content of the table to be able to do the evaluation of the R code.

In the wrapped node you only need the Table Spec. The table spec can be already sent out before executing the node, by most nodes. e.g. the transpose node cannot do this, because there the spec is calculated in execution. So, if you have a transpose node before a node needing columns, you cannot configure the node. 

So, the problem is that this specific quickform node, waits for the table instead of the spec. I opened a ticket for this and will let you know as soon as I know more. Thanks for the idea! 

Best, Iris 

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