Reset and start all nodes in open Workflows with one click

Hello alltogether,

the point is to reset and start all nodes of different open workspaces with one click.
May be, somebody can help me out with a little java-snippet :-)
btw: if it costs something, that should not be a problem.

Is it possible that a java-snippet node does the work ?

The input could be a list of node-IDs and then it resets and starts the nodes again.
This should also work with meta-nodes. May be it is possible to interate over all existing nodes in open workspaces.

It would be great to have such a snippet.

many thanks in advanced


I doubt this can be done with Java Snippets, it has no (simple?) access to the KNIME internal state. I would check the interactive test runner present in the bundle containing the test nodes. (It works best on closed workflows as I remember, but maybe that could be changed. For the nodes to be reset, just connect them with flow variable connections from the testflow configuration node.)

Cheers, gabor