Reset loop memory


I have a loop that collects the results- I would like to rest its memory as it is an internal loop for another external loop. Because i see that this internal loop collects the results data and become huge after a while.




The internal memory will be freed in the next iteration of the loop.

you don't need t collect the result from the different iterations, you can also close the loop with a variable loop end node. Than only the variables from the different iterations are saved.

Best, Iris 

Hi @Iris
I have posted again the same question- I would think there is a bug with Knime that after the excution of the WF and restart again the WF memeory is not freed. I keep watchin gthe memry through Task Maneger and it just keep increasing.
You can see my other post and still have no answer. @ScottF will ask teh dev and get back to me.