Reset Nodes without input

Hi, i want to do the following:

I am retraining my model with several different configurations, therfore i built a log.
My log includes a manual description as well as the current date and time.
But those two nodes aren’t resetted, as i reset let’s say the gradient boosting node.
Is there an option, e.g. via flow variables, that a node without an input still gets an external reset?

Hi @uie63112

If you need to force a node to be reset, the best is to connect it using the variable connections so that it is synchronized with previous nodes and reset when the workflow is run. For instance here:

(Sorry it looks awful but I had to draw it by hand on your snapshot :rofl:)

Hope this helps :wink:




I tried that already in the past for meta-nodes, but it didn’t work. Now it did. I guess I didn’t connect the variable ports inside the meta-nodes the last time.
Thanks!! :upside_down_face:


Glad it worked. My pleasure :wink:


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