Reset parallel path automatically

I have multiple workflows which have parallel starting pathes. To run the workfow both pathes must be executed.
But in most cases I just reset the first path and the with the old result from the second path I just get nonsense. That’s quite nasty.
So I’m looking for a smart way to reset the second path (the first node of it) when resetting the first node in the first path.
Up to now I’ve identified that this could be done by connecting these nodes with a variable from the first (first path) and using that as input for the first node in the second path.
That works well. But it looks ugly.
Is there a better way to send a reset from one node to onther?

Hi @knimediger,
if you connect the variable ports between first node of first path and first node of second path it should reset the second path if first path is resetted.


Hello @knimediger,

Why does it look ugly? Can you share printscreen of your workflow?

Otherwise you can have a dummy node that is connected to both first node of first path and first node of second path and once you reset dummy node both paths will be reset. For dummy node you can simply use Table Creator or Date&Time Configuration node or some other node…


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