'Reset' workflows outside of KNIME

Hi there, I want to archive my workflows from time to time. Therefore I build myself a lot of Linux bash scripts.
Right now, I still make a copy of my workflow (to don’t delete its data) and reset that one. After this, I rename and zip the reset workflow.

I tried to ‘reset’ the workflow by myself in deleting the ‘internal’ and ‘port_x’ folders (which actually save the mid-results of the nodes. Still, when I reload the workflow in KNIME, errors show up.

I know there is a batch functionality to reset workflows after execution with command shell, but i don’t want to run the workflow itself, I just want to reset it.

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I don’t think that is possible. To reset a workflow KNIME would have to run in order to know what ZIP files have to be removed or to be replaced with empty files. Only think I could think of would be some strange combination: call a workflow that has a switch where it would end when it is called to be backed up, have a reset, then save the workflow and initiate a ZIP backup. All while KNIME is running. That is maybe not the most elegant idea and a traditional backup or via DropBox would be better.


Hello @uie63112,

if you right click on your workflow (or a workflow group) from KNIME Explorer view and export it with reset option checked you’ll archive your workflow(s) in state reset, won’t you?


Hi, thanks a lot to both of you!
Sadly this is still not what I was searching for.
I am using a cloud-based virtual machine, as well as other colleges of mine.
I wanted to provide to each of them a shell script that can be executed to reset, zip, and store every (possibly) edited workflow at a remote VCS. Possibly later on even automated when turning off the virtual machine. That is why I want to do it outside of KNIME.
I can keep you updated, maybe I found a not-super fast, but working solution.
Best wishes

You can just delete the data files in the workflow. You will get a warning when opening the workflow but this you can safely ignore.


@Iris that would mean both


files from all the sub-folders?

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