Residuals graphing node for use with Statistics nodes - feature request


to help assess the validity of the data and output from linear regression modelling etc, it would be useful to determine how the residuals change relative to the independent variable in a residual graph.

this can help determine whether a non linear regression would be better, or even whether data needs transforming into logs etc.

link below shows typical examples and usage.



Hi ,

I totally agree with you. :)

I am new to KNIME, but after spending a lot of time looking around in KNIME, I relaized that there is no function for residual analysis of regression errors. The regression icon does calculate the errors and places them in a column at the end of the data file, but for some weird reason, they calculate the absolute value.... So, the only way, as far as I can tell, is to eye-ball the fitted curve, or plot the estimated depended against the actual one, and eye-ball them.