Resizing molecule images in Modern UI

Hi. Is it possible to resize rendered molecules in the table view, within the Model UI? Currently, widening the column or row increase the cell size, but the image doesn’t resize/re-render to fit. Is this a bug and if so, is there a timeframe for a fix.

I’m trying to get used to the Modern UI, since I suspect the old one won’t be around forever. It’s become a lot more useable for chemistry than it used to be and there is a lot to like about it. Unfortunately, not being able to view molecules properly is a major sticking point.

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Hi rsherhod,

This may be a bug, but it seems that the default size set in the preferences is currently the maximum size for images when rendering in Marvin.
There seems to be no problem with making it smaller, so please change the value set in the preferences to a larger size to accommodate this.



Hi @rsherhod,

As @tohshima mentioned, the size of the images are specified in the preferences and the port view doesn’t scale them up if the image size doesn’t support it. So, you need to increase the default image size then images can be scaled up in the port view as well.

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