REST API: File upload example problem


I was trying to use the REST-API example WF for "file upload" , described at:

running on the server.

I followed the described steps, all is running fine until the step of creating a job instance. Then, whenl I actually want to "execute" the created job from the curl command line with the file-information, it executes but seems it has problems in the node "File Upload 0:1", it returns the following message inside the returned json:

"node" : "File Upload 0:1",
"messageType" : "WARNING",
"message" : "No such file: \"/tmp/example.txt\""

Modifications: I stored the workflow in a separate WF group, and of course exchanged server names and credentials.

I created a file containing the copied content for the curl call (nbr of lines, file content, meta-info, ...) from the example and stored it in: C:\curl\config\head_config_api.txt

Now, I try to call the rest api via curl using:

curl -X POST -k -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=bounds-1234"\ --data-binary "@c:\curl\config\head_config_api.txt" -u "admin:MYPASSWORD" "http://MYSERVER:8080/com.knime.enterprise.server/rest/v4/jobs/d24277ff-2c40-409a-a878-894b840f07e4"

Please note, MYPASSWORD, MYSERVER have been replaced :-).

The call executes (so I guess credentials, target URL etc. is correct), but no output section returned with the ressource-ID, and above WARNING message is part of the returned json - I think goes wrong with transferring/reading/defining the input file "c:\curl\config\head_config_api.txt" ?

Thanks for helping!

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Is the file you are uploading in the correct format? What do mean with "number of lines, content, metadata"?

What is the final state of the workflow? Note that the message in only warning and not an error, therefore the node has been executed successfully.