Rest API to Read/Write data from third party application

I am trying to write the out come of the knime analysis to one of our third party software via rest API. As per the API documentation( of third party software), i need to get authentication token from it in order to write. ( attached Doc.jpg)
I am using get node in knime to get the authentication token from my software(Access token.jpg) . Now i need to pass this authentication token as header of every subsequent request in knime as bearer Authorization, but i can not see any such header available in get node of knime ( Knime window.jpg).

I have tried using postman and it seems to have a category of bearer authorization as header and i can read the data from my application easily. But with knime i am not able to read or write and i get an error unauthorized and the obvious reason for that is not passing the authorization token as header.

Knime Window
Will appreciate any help in this regard.

Amir AslamKnime Options

Hello @AmirAslam1986,

Take a look at this topic: Moving Token from GET to POST API call



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