REST GET Query with parameter

I have a problem with a GET node in KNIME. I have a query which includes parameter, and somehow KNIME does not accept how I put in the parameter value. In short, i have a query (it’s a REST interface of a DB) which ist like

and the error I get is
Execute failed: Unresolved variables; only 0 value(s) given for 1 unique variable(s)

To me it seems, that “[Filter]{TableName:TEST,ColumnName:col,Filter:“Great”}” is not accepted as value.

However, the same query in Postman works without any problems…
If i delete the filter parameter the query works, are there constraints on the input of parameter values?
Any help?

Your query parameter contains several characters that are not allowed in a URI. You must use their encoded form instead:


In contrast to Postman we do not encode the URI automatically.

Thanks for the help, it works!
It would be nice, if one could set an option for automatic conversion!