REST Request nodes

Hello Knime,

I have a suggestion for Request nodes (GET, POST, etc). There is a tab in the settings called Error Handling, however it does not cover all errors that might occur.
I think it would be nice to make these nodes completely fault-tolerant, so the user will just get a column with error. Since requesting multiple web sites does not always guarantee that response will contain something that is expected, or the URL might contain some unsupported characters. Of course this feature should be optional.


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Hi @Redfield

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Doesn’t the option Output additional column with error cause option (see screenshot) cover what you have described?


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Hello Temesgen,

Unfortunately this option is very limited. For example if I have an illegal character in the URL (e.g. ? or #) it immediately errors out. However I would like to be flexible to skip invalid URL, and get any result without node execution stop. Then I might check error later.

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