REST service with no explicit URL?


I have used several time the REST service to query websites when the query was explicitely included in the URL. In these case, it was simply for me to incorporate my query in a URL with a String Manipulator and make the request.
Now I am trying to query a website (SwissADME) for chemicals (reported as SMILES). This time the query (that should be copy-pasted in the “Enter a SMILES here” clipboard) (e.g. c1cccc1) does not appear in the url. I am not sure how to make this kind of query in KNIME.
I suspect I should use a POST service node, but I am not sure how to create properly the body request.

Thanks for any kind of suggestion!



You may be better off trying to get what you need using the underlying APIs that swissadme is using to construct it’s site. I really don’t know how you could interact with this website directly. Here is the documentation for MolConverter, for instance:

It will tell you whether you need a get or post request and the parameter information you need to pass. If you scroll down to the computational methods on this page: you’ll see a brief description of the APIs being used. You can easily do both the Get and Post requests in Knime.


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