Restarting KNIME after extension installation - Help

I’m using KNIME version 4.4.0, when installing extensions, I selected all of them and installed them in one go. It finished installing and everything, but when KNIME restarts, it’s taken over 2 hours and it only shows this:

I was wondering if this is normal and it genuinely needs this much time restarting, or is something wrong? I have to add that it is also taking up 8 gigs of ram and over half the CPU usage for this.
Thank you!

Is the workspace selection window open in the background somewhere?

Nope, the only thing that is open is that.

I just uninstalled and re-installed KNIME, and it’s all good now!

Could you start KNIME with “ALL” the extensions available installed ?

Please bear in mind that when you start KNIME, it will load all the installed extensions. Maybe that’s why is taking so long. Go with one extension at a time in every case you need it, prolly you wouldn’t use all of them at once :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I just downloaded the few that I needed and it’s all good now!

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