Restrict specific users from using Writer nodes

Greetings everyone,

We would like to let some of our users to use our Knime server with restrictions on some of the nodes, so they can use it for data analytics purposes, but without being able to save the data locally. So, in aim to protect our data, we were wondering if it is possible to restrict their privilege by blocking/removing all the Writer nodes (CSV, DB, Excel Writer)? Or by any other approach.

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Hi @JayR ,

We don’t have anything within KNIME Server that will restrict individual nodes for permissions like this, but you can restrict access to download/view/execute specific workflows through our other permissions.

Please review our documentation here which should give you an idea of how you can restrict user access on the Server through our permissions:

It looks like you may want the “Execute” permissions for these users as they will be able to execute the workflow and see results in the webportal, but not download the results.

Please look over our documentation and let us know if you still have questions.


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